Code of conduct

This project is governed by Lyft’s code of conduct. All contributors and participants agree to abide by its terms.

Contributing code

Sign the Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

We require a CLA for code contributions, so before we can accept a pull request we need to have a signed CLA. Please visit our CLA service follow the instructions to sign the CLA.

File issues in Github

In general all enhancements or bugs should be tracked via github issues before PRs are submitted. We don’t require them, but it’ll help us plan and track.

When submitting bugs through issues, please try to be as descriptive as possible. It’ll make it easier and quicker for everyone if the developers can easily reproduce your bug.

Submit pull requests

Our only method of accepting code changes is through github pull requests.

Development guide

This guide assumes you’re using docker desktop, which includes docker, and docker-compose.

A full developer configuration is available, using compose, which uses local dynamodb, local kms, and a local simplesamplephp. We have quick make aliases, so it’s not necessary to learn the details of docker-compose.

Starting confidant

To start: make up

To test code changes:

  1. Kill docker-compose (ctrl-c)

  2. make docker_build

  3. make up

Confidant will be accessible at http://localhost. The username is confidant and the password is confidant.

All configuration settings for this environment are in the config/development directory. If you wish to change any settings, kill the docker compose, make the change, and start the docker-compose environment back up.

Running tests

The easiest way to run the tests is through docker-compose as well, as both unit and integration test suites can be run via compose.

To run the full test suite (minus pre-commit):

# See the target in the make file; this runs build, unit, integration and down
make docker_test

To run only unit tests:

make docker_build
make docker_test_unit

To run only integration tests:

make docker_build
make docker_test_integration

To run only frontend tests:

make docker_build
make docker_test_frontend

Lint tests are through pre-commit, so it’s necessary to install/run precommit first. To run pre-commit:

pre-commit run --all-files

If you want to have pre-commit auto-run when committing:

pre-commit install