Permissions Mapping

How to use Permissions Mapping

An AWSPrincipal contains AWSPolicies which contain AWSPolicyStatements which grant permission to resources. Cartography can map in permission relationships between IAM Pricipals (AWSPrincipal nodes) and the resources they have permission to.

As mapping all permissions is infeasible both to calculate and store Cartography will only map in the relationships defined in the permission relationship file which includes some default permission mappings including s3 read access.

You can specify your own permission mapping file using the --permission-relationships-file command line parameter

Permission Mapping File

The permission relationship file is a yaml file that specifies what permission relationships should be created in the graph. It consists of RPR (Resource Permission Relationship) sections that are going to map specific permissions between AWSPrincipals and resources

- target_label: S3Bucket
  - S3:GetObject
  relationship_name: CAN_READ

Each RPR consists of

  • ResourceType (string) - The node Label that permissions will be built for

  • Permissions (list(string)) - The list of permissions to map. If any of these permissions are present between a resource and a permission then the relationship is created.

  • RelationshipName - (string) - The name of the relationship cartography will create

It can also be used to absract many different permissions into one. This example combines all of the permissions that would allow a dynamodb table to be queried.

- target_label: DynamoDBTable
  - dynamodb:BatchGetItem
  - dynamodb:GetItem
  - dynamodb:GetRecords
  - dynamodb:Query
  relationship_name: CAN_QUERY

If a principal has any of the permission it will be mapped