Amazon Web Services (AWS)ΒΆ

The AWS module has the following coverage:

  • API Gateway - Rest APIs, Stages, Certificates, Resources

  • Config - Configuration Recorders, Delivery Channels, Config Rules

  • EC2 - Autoscaling groups, Elastic IPs, AMIs, Instances, Internet Gateways, SSH Key Pairs, Launch Templates, Launch Config, Load Balancers (V1 and V2), Network Interfaces, Reserved Instances, Security Groups, EBS Volumes, EBS Snapshots, Subnets, Trusted Gateway, VPC, VPC Peerings

  • Elasticsearch - Domains

  • Elastic Kubernetes Service - Clusters

  • DynamoDB - Tables, Global Secondary Indexes

  • IAM - Users, User Access Keys, Roles, Groups, Group Membership, Principals, Policies (managed and inline), Assume Role Relationships

  • KMS - Keys, Key Policy, Grants, Aliases

  • Lambda - Functions, Aliases, Source Mappings, Layers

  • RDS - Clusters, Instances, Subnet Groups, Security Groups, Read Replicas

  • Redshift - Clusters

  • Route53 - Records, Zones

  • S3 - Buckets, Bucket Policy, ACLs

  • Secrets Manager - Secrets

  • Security Hub - Basic Hub Details

  • SQS - Queues, Dead Letter Queues

  • STS

  • Tags - Tag support for the supported resources, if supported by the resource groups tagging API