How to read these docs?

Flyte can be interacted with and operated in 3 ways, or by 3 personas: user, administrator, and contributor. The documentation is organized in a way so that the reading flow is optimized for each of these personas.

User: I want to write Flyte Workflows

A user refers to anyone who wants to:

  • Explore how Flyte works and try it out before installing, operating, or using it

  • Use a hosted Flyte deployment available at her organization

  • Deploy a local cluster for debugging or testing

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Administrator: I want to manage a Flyte installation at my company

An administrator is someone who wants to deploy, manage, and scale a Flyte installation for his or her organization. The administrator is not interested in altering or modifying any code, only using the system off the shelf, and configuring the various available knobs and settings. This section also talks about the typical installation structure and scalability primitives available in the system.

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Contributor: I want to help make Flyte even more awesome!

A contributor is someone who wants to:
  • Extend Flyte’s capabilities by contributing new plugins

  • Fix a bug in the source code

  • Gain a deep understanding of Flyte’s architecture

  • Add new functionality or alter the source code for their organization

  • Contribute to this documentation

We view Flyte enthusiasts as potential contributors and recommend they read through these docs as well.

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