flytekit.interfaces package


flytekit.interfaces.random module

flytekit.interfaces.random.random = <random.Random object at 0x20f88e8>

An instance of the global random number generator used by flytekit. Flytekit maintains it’s own random instance to ensure that calls to random.seed(…) do not affect the pseudo-random behavior of flytekit. This random should be used by flytekit components in all cases where random.random would have been used. Components who want additional protections for their random number generator might also maintain their own separate random instance.


If one wants to influence the pseudo-random behavior of flytekit, this function can be used to seed the flytekit generator. It is not recommended that this be done as lack of entropy between jobs can result in overwriting data created at random locations.

Currently, this is used by flytekit to create entropy in low entropy situations (such as Array Jobs) where the job index can be used as a seed to ensure sibling jobs do not have random collisions. :param Union[Text,int,bytes] seed:

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