Contributing to Docs

Documentation for Flyte spans a few repos, and is hosted on GitHub Pages. The contents of the docs/ folder on the master branch are hosted on GitHub Pages. See GH Pages documentation for more information.

Documentation that the steps below will compile come from:

  • This repository, comprising written RST pages

  • RST files generated from the Flyte IDL repository

  • RST files generated from the Flytekit Python SDK


In order to create this set of documentation run:

$ make update_ref_docs && make all_docs

What happens is: * ./ runs. All this does is create a temp directory and clone the two aforementioned repos. * The Sphinx builder container will run with files from all three repos (the two cloned one and this one) mounted.

  • It will generate RST files for Flytekit from the Python source code

  • Copy RST files from all three repos into a common location

  • Build HTML files into the docs/ folder

Please then commit the newly generated files before merging your PR. In the future we will invest in CI to help with this.


We aggregate the doc sources in a single index.rst file so that flytekit and the Flyte IDL HTML pages to be together in the same index/table of contents.

There will be no separate Flyte Admin, Propeller, or Plugins documentation generation. This is because we have a Contributor Docs guide and high level usage/architecture/runbook documentation should either there, or into the administrator’s guide.