Ip tagging filter

This is an HTTP filter which enables Envoy to tag requests with extra information such as location, cloud source, and any extra data. This is useful to prevent against DDoS.

Note: this filter is under active development, and currently does not perform any tagging on requests. In other words, installing this filter is a no-op in the filter chain.

  "type": "decoder",
  "name": "ip_tagging",
  "config": {
    "request_type": "...",
    "ip_tags": []
(optional, string) The type of requests the filter should apply to. The supported types are internal, external or both. A request is considered internal if x-envoy-internal is set to true. If x-envoy-internal is not set or false, a request is considered external. The filter defaults to both, and it will apply to all request types.
(optional, array) Specifies the list of ip tags to set for a request.

Ip tags

  "ip_tag_name": "...",
  "ip_list": []
(required, string) Specifies the ip tag name to apply.
(required, list of strings) A list of IP address and subnet masks that will be tagged with the ip_tag_name. Both IPv4 and IPv6 CIDR addresses are allowed here.