The buffer filter is used to stop filter iteration and wait for a fully buffered complete request. This is useful in different situations including protecting some applications from having to deal with partial requests and high network latency.

  "type": "decoder",
  "name": "buffer",
  "config": {
    "max_request_bytes": "...",
    "max_request_time_s": "..."
(required, integer) The maximum request size that the filter will before before it stops buffering and returns a 413 response.
(required, integer) The maximum amount of time that the filter will wait for a complete request before returning a 408 response.


The buffer filter outputs statistics in the http.<stat_prefix>.buffer. namespace. The stat prefix comes from the owning HTTP connection manager.

Name Type Description
rq_timeout Counter Total requests that timed out waiting for a full request
rq_too_large Counter Total requests that failed due to being too large